Instructions for presenting authors

All presenting authors (either for poster or oral presentation) should be registered for the conference before September 6 in order for the presentation to be scheduled. The registration for the conference can be done by visiting

The abstracts submitted at the Workshop will be gathered in a book for the conference.

We are pleased to announce that in this edition of the STAHY Workshop two student awards will be assigned at the end of the conference: best oral presentation and best poster.

The awards will entail a certificate and a symbolic gift. The winners will be selected by a panel formed by several members of the STAHY 2016 Scientific Committee.

Oral presentation

The time assigned to an oral presentation is 15 minutes, where the last 3 minutes should be kept for answering questions.

A computer will be available at the room for copying the PowerPoint or PDF version of your oral presentation.

The presentations must be brought on a USB during the last 15 minutes of the break before starting the given session.

If you do not want your slides to be published in the official website of STAHY ( after the conference, please tell the person in charge of the computer at that moment.

A microphone and a pointer will also be available in the room.


The posters may be displayed on the available boards by their authors from the first Monday coffee break. Elements needed for hanging them will be supplied, and volunteers will be available for helping participants if need it.

Posters should be removed by their authors at the end of the day.

The maximum size of a poster is 120 cm (high) x 100 cm (wide). No standard guidelines or specific templates are required. Please, take into account that no printing service will be available.

The posters will be presented by their authors during the corresponding poster session. Authors are encouraged to also prepare a short talk (around 2 minutes) for the poster video-recording that will be performed during the poster sessions.